Programmable Controls
c.pCO sistema is the solution CAREL offers its customers for managing HVAC/R applications and systems. It consists of programmable controllers, user interfaces, communication interfaces, remote management systems and cloud services to offer the OEMs working in HVAC/R a control system that is powerful yet flexible, can be easily interfaced to the more widely-used Building Management Systems, and can also be integrated into proprietary supervisory systems.
Carel c-pco-sistema

Adiabatic humidifiers
HumiDisk is a small yet sturdy humidifier that uses a spinning disk to atomise water and transform it into millions of very small droplets that, blown by a built-in fan, are introduced into the environment, where they evaporate, humidifying and cooling the air.
Carel - Centrifugal humidifiers Carel - Pressurised water humidifiers Carel - Compressed air and water atomisers

Refrigeration Parametric Controls
The new UltraCella platform is designed to fit the needs of all cold rooms. It’s the result of analysis, experience and understanding of current and future market requirements. It’s a new generation of controls based on latest CAREL technology: the powerful platform allows to connect more sensors and loads than other standard solutions, and to handle them with optimized and advanced regulation algorithms, for the total control of cold room.
Carel - Cella_range Carel - blastchiller

The CAREL solution for energy control and monitoring comprises a complete range of devices designed to significantly reduce energy wastage, bringing additional cost savings for end users. The solution includes a pLoads controller to manage electrical loads, and a three-phase energy meter with current transformers. This is ideal for monitoring electrical loads and deactivating these when exceeding set power consumption thresholds.
Carel - pRack transcritical series Carel - µRack series

Water Treatment Systems
The CAREL reverse osmosis water treatment system has been designed for use with humiFog multizone, mc multizone, heaterSteam and gaSteam humidifiers. The system can also be combined with the ChillBooster for evaporative cooling.
Supplied with mains drinking water, it generates demineralised water with physical/chemical, flow-rate and pressure characteristics suitable to supply the humidifiers. The strong points of this product are its completeness (no storage tank or pumping system is required) and compact dimensions.
Carel - Reverse osmosis systems