Dr. Kuntze

Dr Kuntze

Dr. A. Kuntze is a familiy-owned business in its third generation. Founded 1945 by the physicist Dr. Arthur Kuntze, we have been concentrating on analytical instrumentation – for more than 60 years.

Our products
Sensors, controllers and ready-to-run analyzers. For pH, ORP, conductivity, free chlorine, chlorine dioxide, peroxide and ozone. For disinfection and neutralisation applications. For legionella prevention. For cooling water and boiler-feed water. For drinking water and utility water.

Dr. Kuntze Kr_BalanceConDr. Kuntze kr_balancecon_schrank_schrgDr. Kuntze crypton-desk-schrg_0013Dr. Kuntze krypton_k_weiDr. Kuntze krypton__ulti_weiss

Dr Kuntze Ne_K100DESDr Kuntze Ne_K_100_DESDr Kuntze Ne_K_100_W_DesDr Kuntze neon_0026_29

Dr. Kuntze ArmaturDr Kuntze 39503002k_argon_tclDr Kuntze argon_stabiflowDr Kuntze Flow assemblyDr Kuntze gas sensor holder

Portable Instruments
Dr Kuntze HM_PM6Koffer+GeraetDr Kuntze HM_pH-Tkoffer+geraetDr Kuntze HM_LF6Set+KofferDr Kuntze radon_2

Dr. Kuntze IL 15 - Inductive Conductivity sensorDr Kuntze ah-200-kDr Kuntze 204a31320_ah-300-k-1-3_webDr Kuntze 204a17390_ah-310-k-3-2_webDr Kuntze 204_zirkon_ph-process_refill_webDr Kuntze 204011104