Josef Emmerich

Josef Emmerich Pumpenfabrik GMBH

Series ER
Valves and diaphragms are arranged in one casing, and the pump is equipped with a preformed roller diaphragm; The result is an especially compact constructed pump.
Josef Emmerich ER-series

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Series ER NPPH
The well-tried ER model (Economical-optimized-Roller-Diaphragm) is an especially compact constructed pump, with profitable efficiency.
Josef emmerich Series ER NPPH
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Series SP
The modular assembly system results in an easy maintenance of the pump. Valves and diaphragms are easily accessible by means of inspection openings.
Josef Emmerich SP_einfachwirkend_980x390_en

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Series SP-PPH
The well-tried SP-model (Service-optimized-Pump) is a pump of simple construction, especially outstanding with regard to its easy maintenance.
Josef Emmerich SP_NPPH-series

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Series TKM
Because of the 3-cylinder gear-unit (triplex-design) an extremely quiet and constant steady operation is achieved. The modular assembly system results in an easy maintenance of the pump.
Josef Emmerich TKM-series

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High Pressure Pumps HD
The pump model MS as well as the TKM series are available as high-pressure pumps.
Little flow rates can be handled by the model MS in double-acting design. Higher flow rates are covered by the triplex pumps of the TKM-series.

By using diaphragm pulsation dampeners in suction and discharge line a high volumetric efficiency is achieved. The separation of pumped material and dampening medium predestines the model MS for all fields of application, where an air-free flow is required. Explosion protection : On customers demand, the pump model HD meets the ATEX direction for the zones 1 and 2.
Josef Emmerich High Pressure Pumps HD

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